Gift of Lakshmi

Astrology and​ Tarot readings

Michelle Scarrott has been my personal astrologer and my families astrologer for 9 years now, she has done all of my childrens charts ,my own and my partners, plus she has done my transits and progressions on numerous occasions.

Michelle is a profoundly knowledgeble and intuitive astrologer, she is sensitive and compassionate at all times, and has a deep understanding of her field.She has always been very accurate about the information she has translated to me, my life and my relationships have been deeply enriched because of the tools and information she has given me.I have never felt disheartenned by Michelles information as it has always been constructive, even within the more negative situation she has very positive advice and consult to give. Michelle is the real deal, her vast knowledge and skills has much to offer those who need guidance on their path.

Allie Blunsden

My families experience of Astrological Charts, Tranists and Progressions and Tarot Readings.I personally have had many readings and charts over the years. I cannot impress upon you enough as to Michelle's talents and skills with her craft. Her knowledge is immense, in depth and as my husband says she manages to "hit the nail on the head".What I gain is personal insight to myself, things I do know about myself but am unaware of the how and why. This knowledge adds so much to my personal understanding of myself within the universe. Transits and Progressions are useful for life/work issues helping make decisions, which path I should take and why.The entire experience with Michelle is inspiring, thought provoking and offers a sense of peace, joy and hope.Michelle is a truly gifted practitioner, this testimonial is only for those of you who do not know of her, otherwise my words would not be needed. She stands alone in a sea of many. Once you have met her you will fell the same. Her heart is pure and her information com

Bettina Wren

"Michelle is by far one of the most wise and intuitive people I have been fortunate enough to get to know.Her ability to understand and impart knowledge provides comfort and strength in aspects of life. . After a reading with Michelle I leave with an outlook that supports me on my path."

- James Donkin

I first met Michelle Scarrott around five years ago, following an extremely challenging period in my life. With the insights I gained at the time and in subsequent readings with her (both astrological and tarot), I was able to make sense of certain aspects of my life that were eluding me. Michelle brings a depth of knowledge and insight into her readings, which I have found unfailingly accurate. She is able to communicate what she reads in a chart or in the cards effectively with clarity and compassion. As well as seeing Michelle annually for an update of my chart I have sent many people to see her who all, without fail, have found her to be as brilliant – and lovely – as I find her. I can’t rave about her services highly enough!

Helen Walker

Michelle is an incredible astrologer and guide. I respect her counsel and have often turned to her for guidance. She has more insight into hearts/minds/souls than anyone I have ever encountered and she guides those who ask her to with humour, grace and kindness. She possesses an incredible talent for healing. To know her is a blessing and an education!

Abbe May

 have met with Michelle a number of times over the past years receiving readings that have offered invaluable clarity & guidance.

Michelle’s innate ability to read ones chart & cards and deliver such insight in her sincere and knowledgeable way has been so gratefully received.This warm, genuine woman is wonderful and world class!”Thank you Michelle!