Gift of Lakshmi

Astrology and​ Tarot readings

I have been fascinated in all things spiritual since I can ever remember and received my first tarot deck at 11 years old, its been a long and interesting relationship since then!

Astrology came later, at 18 I joined the Theosophical Society and learned a variety of crafts including Jungian Dream Psychology, Numerology and Astrology, of which Astrology became my passion. Years of study both technically and personally have brought me to who/where I am today.

My past working life has provided me with a platform of compassion, understanding and support.

My love affair with Bach Flower Essences began 12 years ago when I became ill myself and needed to address some deeper issues, and found the right help within the Essences and so have been using them ever since.

In October 2013 I completed 2 workshops in Metamorphosis, a principal of self healing that precipitates deep personal changes