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Astrology and​ Tarot readings

I aim to offer a non-judgemental, practical insight into your life and to bring about awareness, growth and potential whilst providing a nurturing safe environment.

I specialise in Natal Charts, Transits, Progressions, Synastry and Composites 


Bach Flower Essences.


All sessions are conducted from my home in Perth Western Australia or via Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger 

My current prices are 

Tarot $100

Astrology $200

Metamorphosis $150

Some Astrological basics for your perusal :)


To be born an Aries is to be born a go getter. A mover and shaker. Aries are the initiators.

They are generally high energy and motivated and often extremely positive and enthusiastic about new ideas and projects.

They are competitive and love a good debate and generally don't take things to heart.

They are also the most pioneering of all the signs and are often criticised for leaping without looking, they can be impatient and often don't do the groundwork to make sure the path is clear.

Aries is a masculine sign and is associated with war, as Aries often won't back down once they have a goal in sight.

If you want to start a new venture or project or defend yourself in any way having a good Aries friend on your side is a mammoth asset as they will leap off the cliff with you and tenaciously defend you to the death with an enthusiasm like no other :)

Aries weaknesses are not looking before leaping, their impatience makes them pushy and irritable and they can be hotheaded but it can be diffused easily. Their competitive nature can make friendships hard work but in business they are high achievers and that is a double edged sword. They can be insensitive to others instead thinking often of their own needs, this needs to be kept in check as they can often end up alienated.


To be born a Taurus is to be patient and hard working with a deep love of luxury and the comforts of life.

Taurus is the steadfast, loyal, nose to the grindstone workaholic.

They love all the comforts of home and are usually great cooks (they are foodies) great homemakers, gardeners, animal lovers. They are the friends you visit where their home is so comfortable you never leave without a full belly, lots of laughs and a feeling of deep contentment.

They are slow and steady and solid in every way and their approach to life can sometimes be quite cautious.

Although they are an extremely relaxed individual if goaded or pressured for too long can explode with a rage like a erupting volcano and can also hold on to their pain or hold grudges.

They love beauty, and their homes often reflect that in simple ways and they often artisans or musicians or creatives.

Incredibly practical they are the farmers, vets, and tradesmen and are often tactile learners.

Taurus weaknesses are their stubbornness and obstinacy, they can cut off their nose to spite their face. Inflexibility is also a problem.

They are also the lush of the zodiac so whilst having the workaholic element they can also be extremely lazy and self indulgent, instant gratification is an issue for Taurus.

Also taurus need to let go, they tend to bottle up and then explode, this can be confusing for people who have no idea that the Taurus in their life is quietly stewing in their own juices.


To be born a Gemini is to be quick minded, witty, agile in action and thoughts!

Gemini's are mental and all in their minds, they have amazing flexibility and agility and are incredibly adaptable.

They can see all angles of a story or situation and are incredible funny and light, they are childlike and love to have fun.

Quicksilver is a word to describe Gemini and they are also the Gypsies of the Zodiac, they are always moving and cannot have their feet nailed to the floor!

They are the networkers and information gatherers and are always socialising, talking, sharing information.

You will know a Gemini when you walk into their home and it contains an extensive book or DVD library, as they love mental stimulation, they are also brilliant mimics and can quote any line from any movie that they may have watched a thousand times!

Gemini's need to be in networking or counselling positions in their jobs as they need freedom of movement and lots of social interactions.

Think of a butterfly that flits from flower to flower - that is the essence of Gemini ;)

Weaknesses in Gemini can be capriciousness, gossip, unfinished projects, boredom, they can get restless and irritable and they need constant stimulation. They also can be superficial and flakey. They never mean to harm another but can be flippant and glib and inadvertently rub people the wrong way.


Cancerians are the nurturers of the Zodiac, they are sensitive, private, compassionate and need to be needed.

They are complete home bodies and family, kin, clan are upper most in their lives.

They love to work behind the scenes and do not like attention, instead can be quite shy and reticent.

They are Motherly whether Male or Female and love to support, care and fuss over others. They too are foodies and love to cook for family and are prone to weight fluctuations - this too is in part to their sensitivity as they may be emotional eaters.

They cry easily and feel everything and also can personalise what is directed at them.

Cancer is Mother Earth personified. They are a gentle, kind, deep and loyal friend and partner who will always work hard to support the family values they hold dearly. They are extremely compassionate and giving and can often be taken for granted.

Personalising other peoples moods, over sensitivity, moodiness, melancholy, manipulation and withdrawal are all Cancer weaknesses, they are best left alone to retreat into their caves to lick their wounds.

They are generally forgiving and hate conflict so if they disappear from the scene it is because they feel wounded, and are more likely to vanish from your life if you use and abuse them.


Leo's are the leaders of the Zodiac, they love to be the centre of attention and need to feel valued.

Leo is a warm, generous, supportive sign and they love to help others, they have ample energy and love to live life to the fullest. Party animals and social beasts they love to be out in the world.

Charming and charismatic they love an audience.

They are responsible, reliable leaders and dislike to take orders preferring to be in managerial roles.

Proud and sure footed the Leo takes control, even if they are faking it - no one would ever know!!

They make loyal friends who love a good time, however they can steal the limelight.

Leo weaknesses are entitlement as being the king of the jungle they think the red carpet should be rolled out for them.

They can also be arrogant and lazy, often expecting more than they give from others.

They need to learn tolerance as some signs are not as confident as the Lion, pride can often come before a fall with Leo!


Virgo's are the organisers of the Zodiac, they like order and neatness, they are the bookkeepers, the accountants the cleaners the librarians.

They need structure and routine, Virgo's are extremely grounded and practical and hold high standards both for themselves and others. They are loyal and diligent and often quite conservative in their approach, they make great secretaries.

Virgo also rules wholistic health and you may find many Virgo's working in medicine and/or the health profession (healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, personal trainers, nutritionist's and the like).

When you have a Virgo in your life you know you can lean back and they will hold the space for you without allowing you to become complacent! They will make you accountable and expect no nonsense from you :)

Virgo weaknesses are criticism of themselves and others. Having such high standards that they make a rod for their own back, and can often alienate themselves because of the lofty ideals. Virgo can focus too much on the details and therefore miss the big picture. They can feel let down and disappointed because of their high expectations - which are often impossible to meet. 


To be born a Libra is to be born a peace maker and negotiator, Libran's cannot stand conflict.

They are lovers of fine arts and beauty. Graceful and beautiful, both physically and by action they are offended by anything ugly or vulgar.

They are the artists, the dancers,the models, the curators of galleries, they have a beautiful way with words and always say the right thing in times of crisis.

Gentle and careful they seek harmony and balance. Innocent and approachable and eager to help others.

They also make things look easy, think graceful swan on the lake, gliding, but under the surface, unseen, the feet are flapping overtime to give the effect of ease! This is the essence of Libra!

They can be highly strung, fragile and give over their power to have perceived peace.

The weaknesses of Libra are allowing abuse in an effort to keep the peace, not including themselves when they try to resolve conflict, thereby missing out on having their own needs met.

Resentment because in avoiding conflict with others they throw themselves into personal conflict with themselves.

The lesson for Libra is win win!


Scorpio's are the deep feelers of the Zodiac, powerfully perceptive, intense and penetrating!

Nothing gets past Scorpio they are always observing and scanning for information, trying constantly to understand the depths and psychology of others.

They are the great transformers who often have big events take place in their lives and always have the capacity to rise from their ashes like a phoenix.

Compelling, charismatic and fascinating.

Scorpio's love to get to the bottom of issues and hate secrets, however they are very good themselves at keeping secrets and often are accused of being secretive and manipulative, the reality is that because they are such deep feelers they never want to hurt another so they prefer to keep the pain to themselves.

Scorpio's make fabulous counsellors and healers due to their depth of feeling.

Deeply psychic they carry great burdens of knowledge and are able to handle the deepest pain.

Strong sexuality is a feature, and they can intimidate others with their intense stare, it is only because they can see who you really are beneath the mask that some people are challenged by the strength of the Scorpio.

Weaknesses of Scorpio include power trips, control and manipulation, defensiveness.

When you back a Scorpio into a corner they have the capacity to cut you to shreds with your own greatest weakness, such is the perceptiveness of Scorpio.


Sagittarius are the wild horses of the Zodiac, needing freedom of movement and thinking.

They are the philosophers, teachers, mentors, travellers, and gypsies.

They cannot help but teach by their natures and are amazing story tellers.

The need to travel and often live in foreign lands or marry foreign partners, they have an interest in other cultures, beliefs, philosophies and foods.

They hate being told what to do and cannot under any circumstances feel trapped by either love, friend, or work.......they need to know the back door is always open. Not that they aren't loyal they just cannot handle having to ask permission.

Sagittarius also love anything old, antiques, ancient ruins, old books, memorabilia etc.............anything that holds a story or history has meaning to them and they may be collectors of old wares.

They also have the most amazing sense of humour!!

The weaknesses of Sagittarius include inability to commit to things including relationships, jobs, commitments.

Recklessness too can be a trait known to Sagittarius.

They also "fire arrows" when they feel trapped or under threat, and often blame others for where they have landed.


Capricorn are the corporate sign of the Zodiac, conservative, hard working, focused, money oriented.

Capricorns are interested in wealth and financial stability and are prepared to work damn hard to provide it for themselves and their families.

They too must be careful of not becoming a workaholic, and learn relax more and enjoy the simple things.

Ever practical and completely reliable they are the "adult" or "parent" of the Zodiac. And they usually have had responsibility from a young age.

They often feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and often they are!!

Because of their work ethic and immense abilities they often end up overburdened helping others and need to learn how to ask for help themselves............however they see this as a sign of weakness unfortunately.

Their weaknesses include not being able to ask for help, therefore burning out, stubbornness and blinkered vision, negativity and a battler mentality.


Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the genius, the eccentric, the nerds.

They are the brains of the outfit!!

Often very misunderstood as they are left of centre and don't think in a straight line, lateral thinkers!

Offbeat, they are extremely unique and have absolutely no desire to conform at any level and a renown for marching to the beat of their own drum, because of this they are often way ahead of their time and progressive.

Deeply humanitarian they are leaders in waking humanity to ingenious ways to break away from old outworn constructs.

Intelligence is their strength and their weakness as they can feel isolated especially as children, often they don't find their social groove till they are adults and they may prefer an older more mature crowd.

Aquarian weaknesses are intellectual snobbery, aloof, runs form emotional connections, temperamental and uncompromising.


Pisces are the creatives and the dreamers they live entirely in their own worlds. They are romantics and sentimental and love to float about in their own realms.

Deeply artistic and creative they are the artists, lyricists, writers, poets and psychics of the Zodiac, they are also deeply sensitive and compassionate and often end up in the healing professions.

A humanitarian sign they are always off to save some poor soul or open an orphanage in a third world country or feed the homeless, these are the missions of Pisces.

They need to feel they are helping fix a broken planet, because they are so sensitive they are deeply affected by global and personal pain in the world.

Their weaknesses are escapism, whether that be drug/alcohol or work or even gym junky often it is anything to avoid the pain that these poor sensitive beings feel.

They also can be quite unconscious of how they come across and therefore can be so in their own world that they don't see how they impact on others.

They need to learn how to create healthy psychic and personal boundaries.

Planets in your chart

I though I would also add this small insight into understanding what the planets mean in your Astrology!

Over the next few months I will be taking you through the Planets and Signs and Houses in the hope that you can gain a better understanding of your own individual charts and personal journey's.

Our Sun Sign tells of our Ego - who we think we are and how we see and relate to ourselves. Sun is Father.

The Moon sign is our emotionality, how we feel at the core, it also looks at our relationships and how we love. Moon is Mother.

Mercury looks at how we communicate and express ourselves, also our mental processes. Mercury is Asexual.

Venus is how we relate to others, also love, attraction, affection and what we look for in our lover. Venus is also how we receive. Venus is Feminine.

Mars describes our energy, action, drive, anger and aggression - its how we get things done and how we assert and penetrate into the world. Mars is Masculine.

Jupiter is where we expand in the the world or where we have our greatest growth, it is also about travel, business and spirituality. Philosophy and teaching are also Jupiter at work.

Saturn speaks of our responsibilities, restrictions, perseverance and discipline. Saturn rewards after the hard work has been completed. He is the task master, the hermit, the wise Sage.

Uranus describes our rebelliousness and occult knowledge, where we have our insights, epiphanies and sudden changes of direction in life. Genius and abstract thinking, progressive but also erratic and unpredictable.

Neptune is our fantasies, mysticism and illusions, but also spirituality and beliefs. Highest inspiration - deepest disappointments.

Pluto covers our secrets, and mystery, but also our power and how we wield it! It is where we feel compelled and intense and powerful - or disempowered.

Rising sign/Ascendant is your mask, this is the face you put forward in life and how others see you. It is your physical appearance and how you get things done, it is usually how another would describe you.

North Node is your Karma in this life time and what lessons your soul chose to work though. You could say it is your personal mission!